I have sent you to this page for a general breakdown of the services i can provide and their costs/benefts & times
My office hours are Thursdays & Saturdays from 8am - 5PM & some weekday evenings by appt
please NO CALLS after 5pm or Sundays AT ALL - this is a strict rule, your welcome to message or text me 24/7 
Android Boxes

Main unit i sell is $170 - its a package - comes with box all cables, includes an aftermarket genuine rii keyboard / mouse remote & includes one free month of iptv service to try out (see below) this is the one i recommend to all users.  Come with a year warranty and free support and updates forever .. the units have my own custom firmware, include free access to my update servers forever also.  
They all are at a minimum 2/16 boxes with new fast processors..    Have the ability for remote access, I also have units with more storage and memory that cost a bit more if you wish 
Android reprogramming services $40 (redos are $20)

This is for a full reset of your device , which include the removal of all the software from the unit..   I customize the box to PERMANENTLY have all my software include into the system.. This is not a one off..  My goal is the ability of you to get free updates forever and not have to bring the unit in for redos.. .I will provide free updates using my custom software for free free going forward.. The way i accomplish this is far more advanced than the way others do this..  
All boxes will have my software built right into your system into your system forever - reset it you can run updaters.. and be back in business easily with half an hours using the provided support videos - 

I have my own kodi builds (i maintain them and have my own servers) - again no ongoing fees/charges
I also maintain my own “playstore” as new apps become available i provide free download of them them - free, these apps are tested and i also provide instructional video on how to use all of them - again no ongoing fees/charges
IPTV Services
To get iptv from me - i will have to redo your box with all my support software.. The cost is $40.. And this is why my software give you access to way more content and also to tools that can fix things or provide updates - if you want to configure services yourself, be my guest.. But you will also have to troubleshoot yourself - i will prove the server url and setup info on request
ALL IPTV IS POSTPAID - in advance and their is no credit, months are paid in advance
I offer access to iptv (internet protocol television)   comes with thousands of channels, too many to list .. basically everything - strongly recommend people get three months at a time.  If a server has issues or goes down or doesn't meet your need .. credits are non refundable.. And can’t be moved from server to server.. I am very open and upfront as to the advantages and the limitations of this service..   I do this so your expectations are reasonable.. It is a great service..but it has its moments
1 Month $20
3 months $45
6 months $90
12 months $165
Iptv is not perfect - if you dont like it don’t renew - or at renewal ask if there are other servers you may like better, all servers at one time or another will have possibility of having issue.  I am being clear on this for transparency - i will not lie like other sellers..